Colorful House with Charming Design, Creative Ceilings

If you were to build your home, would you pick monotonous colors or loud and colorful ones? It’s really a matter of preference, but some homes just look better because of their colors. Take for example this colorful house with a charming design, creative ceilings, spacious living room, elegant bathroom, and nice kitchen.

The colors simply upgrade the look of this space, with some of the furniture pieces also having loud colors that make this home seem so lively and happy.

The roofs of this modern home slope at different angles from each other, creating an interesting effect. But it’s not surprising, considering that the living room and bedrooms also have creative ceilings.

Charming Modern House, Small Porch

There’s not much of a porch for this home, yet the spot looks great and can still be a nice hangout. Just add a couple of chairs and a small table to make this space more welcoming.

This house is painted in light grey and orange, which actually add to its charm. Sliding glass windows provide a nice look to this home, but the door is made of solid wood.

Comfortable Living Room, Beautiful Design

The door opens directly to the spacious living room with its comfortable couch and flat-screen TV. It’s a great spot for movie marathons. You can also admire the ceiling design on this spot; it defines the space and upgrades the look of your home.

Pastel yellow and blue are used for the interiors, creating a look that’s soothing to the eyes. The floor is topped with yellowish wood-inspired tiles.

Elegant Bedrooms, Nice Bathroom

Even the bedrooms of this home have great ceiling designs. Floor-length curtains add elegance to the bedrooms that feature a huge wooden bed at the middle. Plush rugs are also used to define space in the bedrooms.

Although it might look a bit too dark, the bathroom looks elegant, thanks to the black tiles used on the walls. White fixtures just appear to pop out from this space.

Building this home would cost around Php1 million.