Stylish Little Home, Built with Attention to Detail

There’s so much to love in this stylish little home that was clearly built with attention to detail. The exteriors look great even from afar, with a charming little porch at the front. But the interiors are also fabulous, with a well-equipped kitchen, a bar-style dining spot, lovely living room, and an elegant bedroom.

A great place to live in, this house features white walls so you decorate every spot as you please. Yet this home will also look fantastic even with minimalistic decorations.

Every single spot of this home was designed to look elegant. And the look was achieved even with small details like a vintage clock or a plush rug to define the living room.

Welcoming Porch, Great Design

Always remember that first impressions last. So, you should always pay attention to how the front portion of your house looks like. This one features a lovely porch that has a small dining spot for enjoying a nice cup of coffee while hanging out with your visitors.

Even the porch posts look like they were put there to make the place look good, not just to support the roof.

Modern Home, Elegant Interiors

This home would be a fantastic place to live in, thanks to its modern design and well-equipped rooms. You’ll fall in love with its design and enjoy staying in the comfortable bedroom with huge bed.

Stylish lamps are also picked for the dining area and kitchen. Even the bathroom looks fabulous in this lovely home.

Well-Equipped Kitchen, Stylish Living Room

Cooking can be a breeze at the well-equipped kitchen that has plenty of built-in cabinets to keep your things in order. There are even cupboards above the fridge.

The house isn’t huge but you can enjoy watching your favorite movies at the living room with its comfortable couch. There are also large windows around the house to brighten up the place and create the illusion of added space.

It would take a budget of around Php1.2 million to build this fabulous home.