Charming Little Native House with Large Balcony for Hanging Out

There’s nothing more relaxing than a native house with a beautiful balcony where you can hang out while enjoying a cup of coffee or simply admiring the view. Just like this charming little native house made of bamboo materials, with one bedroom, and a huge balcony that spans three sides.

It might be small and won’t fit a big family, yet it can be enough for a small family or perhaps a couple who just wants to have a nice hangout where you can start to build your dreams for the future.

Just like most native homes made with these materials, this one is also set off at least a foot from the ground. Concrete foundations support the bamboo posts, helping ensure that this home can last longer.

Native House, Favorite Resting Place

This house may be small but if you equip it with the right furnishings and put a good, well-equipped kitchen, it could become a nice little home for your family.

It’s a native home that can also be a nice option as a vacation spot or an extra resting place beside your main home. It can also be a good model for a resort accommodation or a favorite hangout.

Bamboo House, Lovely Design

Except for the concrete posts and the nipa roof, this house is made entirely of bamboo material. It won’t cost a lot to build this home, though you have to make sure that you take the necessary precautions so it will last longer.

If possible, treat the bamboo with an anti-termite solution or something that will keep wood-boring insects and mold or mildew away.

Large Balcony, Happy Hangout

This small house can be a happy hangout for you and your family. Plus, with so much balcony space, you can pick many spots for enjoying various activities. You won’t even need a table and chairs because you can just sit on the bamboo floor to have a good time.

This native house won’t cost you over Php50,000.