Compact 1-Story House with 2 Bedrooms (Affordable Budget)

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Although small, this 1-story house is a good choice for the family because its compact design ensures you have enough space for 2 bedrooms at an affordable budget.

Just because it is small, it does not mean that a house can’t look great! This 2-bedroom house features a nice design, with a flat roof that slopes towards the back and a lovely porch at the front.

Painted in grey, the house looks sophisticated. There’s an accent made of orange bricks at one corner while the windows are framed in white trim to complement the design. The ceilings are also in white, with ventilation holes to keep the house cool even on hot summer days.

Modern Design

With its sharp angles and flat roof, this house has a modern design that looks great inside and out. The mostly grey theme with white trim and orange accent is used throughout the exteriors.

The fence perfectly matches the house, with mostly grey paint on the concrete walls and white paint on the metal parts, beams, and posts. This 2-bedroom house was built for an affordable budget of Php450,000.