When it comes to building a house for your family, it’s really hard to find the right design or have enough money to build it in one go. For many families, that means working hard and growing the house bit by bit.

That’s what a couple from Baguio City shared in their inspiring story of how they built a house.

In her post shared on PERFECT HOME DESIGNS PH, a Facebook book for sharing different house designs in the Philippines, Reshell Cardente Dela Paz narrated how she and her husband were able to build the house of their dreams with her husband’s hard work.

Young Parents, Young Dreamers

The two started their relationship when Reshell was just 17 years old and her husband was 19. About two years later, they had a baby. Her husband brought her to Baguio City to be with his family while he worked in Cebu.

Later, she and their baby moved to Cebu to be with her husband, but they later had to sell the small house they got there to go back to Baguio City.