A nice option for a couple or as guest house in your yard, this tiny 1-bedroom house features a resort style and a lovely porch where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the garden. This little home is a cute one that comes with charming built-in planters you can fill with lots of flowers.

The cute house design puts the house on a platform that’s about a few feet off the ground. A short flight of stairs leads to the porch with a nice built-in bench for relaxation. To the side are the sliding glass doors that open directly to the living room.

The roof is divided into several sections, creating an interesting effect above the house.

Nice Porch, Cool Design

Although small, the porch is nice and remains a lovely hangout anytime of the day. The house features a cool design that makes it ideal for any location. It would make a great house for a small family, with the premise that they have to share the only bedroom.

Vertical glass windows are used for this home, creating a lovely pattern that complements the tiny design.

Stylish Interiors

Even if it is small, the house boasts of stylish interiors that come with elegant floor-length curtains. A printed carpet is placed at the living room, with recessed ceilings also offering added style.

Even the bedroom comes with stylish recessed ceilings that have nice dome lights. Despite the small size, the bedroom features a full-sized closet and a nice headboard that has shelves where you can put small decorations or books.

Beautiful Fence Design

This charming little home is complemented by a beautiful fence design that makes use of several different materials, including concrete, stone tiles, wood, and stainless steel.

Considering the material used to build this home and the overall design, this compact 1-bedroom house may be built for a budget of around Php300,000.