Dad Builds Retirement Home in His 40s, Tiny Home Goes Viral

Realizing that he could end up spending most of his time watching TV when he retires at the small home they’d been living in for years, one dad decided to build his retirement home in his 40s. Now that he’s got a beautiful place to live in with a lot of space to develop, he amazed his doubters who now enjoy visiting his place – and many netizens also love the idea of how he did it!

Do you think you should start building your retirement home while you’re still young? We certainly agree!

Building a Retirement Home While Still Young

Although the 40s are considered as the “mid-life” for people, it’s still “young” in comparison to the age we associate with retired folks who are usually in their 60s and above.

While in your 40s, you still have at least a decade more to go before retirement, right?

For most people, retirement is the time to slow down and enjoy your life without worrying about raising kids and earning money. There are so many people who use their retirement money to build a house because they were unable to do so when they were younger due to a lot of reasons.

But for Alvin Mamalayan, he realized that things would be better if he began building his retirement home when he’s still in his 40s.

The family had lived in Calamba, Laguna, for many years, but the space is small and he could tell that he’d end up just watching TV the whole day when he eventually retires.

So, he and his wife decided to build another home that would give them more space. They bought a lot in Laiya, Batangas in 2012. Many people told them it’s too far and there’s a lot to build or things to be done. But they didn’t let those negative words bring them down.

Developing Their Dream Home

The couple first built a nipa hut in their place.

After saving up for years, they finally began building their dream house in 2021 – and the 7×7-meter home was completed in just 3 months.

The couple said that they only spent around Php900,000 in building their new home, including labor, materials, and furnishings.

Their tiny home has gone viral, with many netizens saying it’s cute but fully functional. Check out their house in this video: