House with Php55k Budget for a Small Family: Possible?

Many families, particularly new couples who are just starting out their families, can find it difficult to build their own house. There are just too many things to consider that most decide to just rent a home instead of buying their own. That’s also fine, of course, but other couples or families find other ways to ensure they have a home to call their own. Just like Joshua Pdagat and his wife. They couldn’t afford a big home, but they were able to build a small, livable one with Php55k.

Most homeowners will tell you that Php55k isn’t even enough to cover the house’s foundation and main floor. But Joshua and his wife managed to do it by choosing a simple design for their tiny home.

Tiny House for Php55k Budget

Joshua happily shared photos of his house, thanking his parents and in-laws for helping out to ensure that he, his wife, and their future kids will have a roof above their heads.

According to Joshua, they don’t have kids yet, so this tiny home is just the perfect size for him and his wife.

With their budget of Php55, they were able to buy materials to build the house. Because their tito was the one who primarily built the house while they became the helpers, they were able to save money on labor costs.

Thanks to helpful family members, they were able to put tiles on the floors of their living room and kitchen. For a total budget of just Php55, that’s really impressive.

Simple but Comfortable House

This house is small and simple, yet it’s also designed to be comfortable.

They were even able to use hollow blocks and concrete to build the foundation and the bottom half of the walls. Doing this can make a native house last longer.

According to Joshua, they used plywood for the rest of the walls, then they painted these. The results are actually quite impressive, especially knowing just how much they had spent for this house.

Source: Joshua Pdagat / Awesome Philippines Houses

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