Set near the beach where there’s plenty of beautiful sights to see, a futuristic summer house with a rooftop pool that offers panoramic views of the surrounds makes a great choice in the area.

Shaped like a triangle but with rounded edges, this futuristic structure is great even for a rocky beach like the ones featured in the original design.

Viewed from the ground, this contemporary house even looks like it’s a spaceship or some alien structure that landed on Earth.

Most of the first floor appears suspended on the ground; thus, it is important to make sure that the contractors only use the best materials available to ensure that the house won’t easily crumble to the ground.

The foundation is anchored on the rocks but only occupies a smaller part of the floor; though you can choose to build this futuristic home on ground level so that every part of the first floor is set on the ground.

The open plan on the first floor ensures that the house offers plenty of function to the owner without needing to be huge. There’s room for the kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom, and the living room that easily converts or doubles as a bedroom.

To best enjoy the views around this beautiful location, the modern home has glass walls.

You can use floor-length curtains or perhaps choose glass that provides privacy to the people inside the house while also providing them with expansive views of the surroundings.

But the main appeal of this house is its rooftop swimming pool with panoramic views.

The roof structure is supported by three cores with drainage pipes set at the kitchen and bathroom areas. The seamless design ensures that the pool looks great even though it’s just small.

Accessible through a ladder, this rooftop pool can be easily filled with water for you to enjoy hanging out and enjoying a swim while admiring the lovely view.

Photos by Anti-Reality / Instagram