Impressive Pink House with Beautiful Interiors, Perfect Design for Your Family

Looking for the perfect design for your family’s house? This dream house features an impressive exterior design with beautiful interiors you can be proud of. There’s also a huge yard with lovely landscape, huge porch at the front, modern kitchen with wood dining set, and a stylish living room. You can expect the bedrooms and bathrooms to also look great in this modern home.

What are the factors that you’re looking for in picking your house’s design?

For many people, style always comes first, but the house should also be comfortable. Plus, it should fit your budget. After all, you’d want to live in this home as soon as possible. The faster it gets done, the quicker you can move in.

Beautiful Porch, Modern House Design

Set on a platform about a meter off the ground, this house stands grand and tall even if it only has one story. This gives you a great vantage point from your porch, which is huge that you can enjoy it through the entire length of your house’s front portion.

The modern house design also features flat roofs at varied angles. This creates an interesting look, even from afar. The porch area has a separate roof from the rest of the house.

Grand Interiors & Beautiful Furnishings

There’s really a lot to love about this house, thanks to its grand interior design and beautiful furnishings made of solid wood.

The cream and gold curtains also make the place look more elegant, while the marble-styled tiles upgrade the overall appearance.

Stylish decorations are also used as accent pieces across the house.

Modern Kitchen, Wood Dining Set

Even the kitchen looks grand, thanks to the dining set also made of wood to match the living room furniture pieces.

The modern L-shaped kitchen features built-in cabinets and granite counters with a matching backsplash.

It could take around Php3 million to build this stylish home.