Beautiful Casita Goes Viral with House Design that Looks Like a Mansion

An eclectic and beautiful casita goes viral for its modern house design that looks like a mansion, complete with an impressive interior design. This contemporary home also features high ceilings, a huge bathroom, and a superb loft-type sleeping area across a second-floor hangout designed to be an entertainment area. There’s also a modern kitchen and a deck that’s perfect for having a good time with family and friends.

The exterior looks like it’s a mix of container vans and lots of wood. This was achieved using a mix of concrete, wood, and thick, long-span roofing materials for the exterior walls.

Rooms are 3×3 meters in size, which is enough for a queen-sized or double bed and built-in cabinets.

Modern Casita, Nice Deck

This modern casita features a nice deck where you can hang out with your family and friends, enjoying a meal in the cool breeze. On hot sunny days, you can unfurl the bright awnings to provide cover. This actually makes the space look more versatile.

The boxy design isn’t for everyone but if you’re into a modern style, this home can be your inspiration. It’s even painted in brown (for the wood) and black (for the roof sheets) that complement each other to create the sleek look.

Impressive Interiors, Futuristic Design

Like the exteriors, the interiors of this home also have a unique design. For instance, the second floor features a bedroom and an entertainment area that don’t even have walls or railings. Of course, you can always make some design modifications to add some sort of railings for safety in these areas.

Other than that, however, the interiors look superb. We love the bedroom style with its huge world map as backdrop on the wall at the headboard.

Contemporary, Stylish Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen might be the least attractive, yet this home boasts of a contemporary and stylish kitchen with a unique flooring style that mixes wood and ceramic tiles.

There are also many impressive parts of this house, including special furniture or configurations that transform areas into something else, such as the bench that turns into a table or the deck becoming a dining spot with a window access to the kitchen.

You can watch more about this house in this video:

Although they didn’t disclose the price, it could take at least Php2.8 million to build this house.