Modern House Design with Warm Orange Colors

Choosing the best design for your house can be a challenge, especially with so many out there to choose from. But many decide to choose simple, modern designs that give you both form and function. Just like this modern home with warm orange colors, spacious interiors, and a stylish kitchen.

This home features a flat roof that serves its purpose to cover your home and protect you from the elements, yet is also economical than a gable or other similar-styled roofs.

What’s so cute about this house is that they painted it in different shades of orange. The layered effect upgrades the look of the house and makes it interesting, too.

Nice Porch Design, Modern Home

This house is set on a platform foundation around 2ft off the ground. It’s a good elevation for your home, especially if the grounds around your home may be prone to a little flooding during rainy days.

At the front of the house is a nice porch accessed from a short flight of stairs. It might be a good idea to add railings and handrails to the stairs for added safety.

Spacious Interiors, Lovely House

To maximize the space in this house, the owners chose a sliding door. This house would also be perfect with a well-laid out floor plan.

Just like most homes, you can put the living room directly next to the main doors. Then, the bedrooms can be put at the other corners, while one corner is allocated for the kitchen and dining area. Many homeowners these days prefer having an open plan house design to maximize every single space.

Stylish Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Set towards the back is a stylish kitchen with interesting patterns on the floor and a simple sink that you can always upgrade to granite tiles when the budget allows.

This modern home might cost you around Php1.2 million to build.