Native House with Pink Theme, Lots of Plants All Around

Have you noticed how plants can truly upgrade the look of your home? That’s what you can see in this native house with a pink theme. The house itself looks great, but the plants also upgrade the place. The interiors are in pink, with bamboo furnishings in natural brown. There’s also a functional kitchen at the back.

There are lots of things to love about this native house.

The amakan exteriors are left in their natural color, but the bamboo materials used as a support are painted in pink. It creates a nice effect, making this native house look a little bit more modern.

Pink Native House, Beautiful Gardens

There’s just something about native homes that appeal to many people. Just like this house which features amakan walls and creative bamboo designs. Having lots of plants around your home also make the place cool on the eyes.

You can opt to put plants that are native to your area so that beautifying the place won’t cost you a lot of money.

Welcoming Interiors, More Pink Stuff

Be careful in choosing pink and other loud colors as this might not suit your house design. Yet this house was able to create a welcoming look despite having lots of pink stuff.

Even the rug at the door is in pink. It is, of course, your option to pick other colors if you were to use this house as your inspiration.

The walls, posts, floors, curtains, decorations, and some of the appliances in this home are also in pink. It might be loud, but it actually suits the look of this home.

Functional Kitchen

The kitchen of this house is set towards the back. Unlike most of the parts of this house, this area features a blue and green theme. The floors are in blue, while the counter and curtains are in green.

Depending on the materials you pick for building this home, you need anywhere from Php60,000 to Php200,000 to build this native house.