Lovely Cottage with Porch and Balcony, Beautiful Loft Space

This house can be a beautiful addition to your home, an inspiration for a resort accommodation, or can even be your primary place to stay. A lovely cottage that features a porch and a balcony, it also comes with a beautiful loft space for your bedroom area and a simple living room. You can put the kitchen and toilet at the back.

There are many things to love about this home, including its native design and the shiny amakan walls. You can opt for double walling using amakan on both sides to create a nice effect to your native house, or opt for material such as plywood or cement board that can make the interiors look modern.

Lovely Balcony, Nice Native House Design

This house is made of a mix of native materials, but makes sure that the foundation and the posts’ base are made of concrete. Using these concrete materials can make your house last longer.

You should also make sure to treat the wood and bamboo parts to avoid getting a lot of wood-boring insects and termites that can quickly destroy your home.

Beautiful Loft with Balcony Access

It’s nice having a beautiful loft in this home, with direct access to the balcony where you can relax and admire the view.

It’s clear that this place is a great place to unwind and relax after a long day, especially if you have a nice view or garden to enjoy. You can put a small table and some chairs at the balcony to convert it into a hangout where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or some snacks at the end of the day.

Open-Plan Interiors, Kitchen at the Back

Pictures of the first-floor interiors weren’t included here, but it’s easy to see that it has an open-plan.

There could be space for a small, one-wall kitchen inside the house but you can also opt for a much bigger kitchen at the back.

Depending on the final output and the materials you use, this native home may cost you around Php150,000 to build.