In building a house, a lot of prospective homeowners want to have something that would look great on the outside while also looking both great and feeling comfortable on the inside.

This modern 2-story home has all those features, with a sophisticated exterior that has an excellent curb appeal even with not much landscaping in the lawn.

Modern Two-Story Home

A carport is set to one side of this modern home, just a few steps away from the main door.

With a compact design, this home directly opens to the living room set with an open plan to connect to the dining space. The kitchen is located at one corner of the room, sharing space with the dining room.

Designed for a circular table, homeowners could also opt for a rectangular table that can be pushed a bit to the side to give the kitchen added space.

Modern Two-Story Home  plan

There’s one toilet at the first floor and another at the second floor.

Quite amazingly, this compact home actually has four bedrooms! One is a smaller maid’s quarter at the first floor while the rest of the rooms are located on the second floor. The master’s bedroom occupies a much larger space above the living room, with an opening to a small porch above the entryway.

Because the rooms are not huge, owners better choose to have built-in cabinets made for all the rooms of this 2-story house. The three smaller rooms only have space for a single bed, but a double decker bed would be a good idea for a larger family.

Modern Two-Story Home  plan 2

Large, sliding glass windows make this home more sophisticated. You can match this with elegant curtains and nice paint that would bring out the beauty of this modern home.

This modern house features a mostly concrete structure that incorporates steel and wood that actually makes it look more sophisticated. It’s perfect for any location.