Got enough space for a 1-story house with a minimalistic design that would fit four bedrooms?

This modern house has one bedroom per corner and features a huge space for the living room and dining/kitchen area that’s great for entertaining guests or simply to bond as a family.

Minimalist One-Story House

Simple on the outside but actually quite grand on the inside, this modern home can be easily upgraded to have lavish exteriors, of course. But it was created with a budget-friendly design in mind.

Minimalist One-Story House 2

The large porch wraps in front of the house, creating three separate areas where you and your family could hang out to enjoy the view. A spot could easily become a breakfast nook or snack area, especially if the view looks awesome around your home.

Minimalist One-Story House 3

The large entryway features double glass doors that directly open to the spacious living room. The open plan features the living room, dining hall, and kitchen, but also easy access to all the four rooms of this modern home.

Minimalist One-Story House 4

The large kitchen island could even double as a dining counter or a work area. Plenty of space is provided for your things.

Minimalist One-Story House 5

This modern home features a shiny wood floor; though it is also possible to use wood tiles or other flooring material of your choice. Wood furnishings add more elegance to the space while the lights were picked to complement the classy wood theme.

Minimalist One-Story House plan

The two bedrooms in front of the house are much larger than the ones at the back. Each of the bedrooms can be decorated as you please, with plenty of space for queen-sized beds and built-in cabinets. These rooms also feature huge windows that can easily let natural light and fresh air in.

Minimalist One-Story House 6

There are also two toilets in this home, shared by the rooms at the same side.

Minimalist One-Story House 7

All the elements of this house work together to create a huge yet harmonious space for your family to enjoy, at all stages of your life.