These days, a lot of people actually prefer having a smaller house because that means they could build it with less amount of money in a less amount of time while they can have a cozy home that’s easy and cheap to maintain.

In this small but impressive house design for a 1-story house with two bedrooms, you can already have a home in a small parcel of land as it only covers 52 sq m of floor area.

House Design for One-Story House

For a rough finish, you can set aside a budget of around Php700,000 but the cost could double for an elegantly finished home.

Still, you can already live in the roughly finished home, then simply make additional renovations in the future to create an elegantly finished home for you and your family.

House Design for One-Story House 2

A welcoming entryway has a small roof that juts out to create a small but beautiful porch that adds to your home’s curb appeal.

It’s up to you to make use of outdoor cladding material to make the home appear lovelier. Some planters by the entryway posts make the place better to look at.

House Design for One-Story House 3

The living room measures 3.5 m by 3 m while the dining room and kitchen area is a bit larger as a portion of it also juts out of the otherwise square floor area. The shared toilet and bathroom is just beside the kitchen, set close to the door for the service area at the back.

The two bedrooms in this cozy home are located right next to other, with both having the same size. If there’s still space at the back, you can later add an extension for a third bedroom as the family grows.

House Design for One-Story House plan

While there’s space for a garage in the floor plan, the one in the photos doesn’t have a roof for your car. You can make additions here, in case you need a covered carport.