Homeowners choose to have a single-storey residence for a number of reasons.

One is that they will have the flexibility to play with the spaces and just move them around.

The other one is that it is dramatically cheaper and more affordable to build a bungalow than a multi-storey home. Not to mention a one-storey house is easier to maintain than its counterpart.

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Single-Storey Fully Flexible And Customizable House Design

The design we have here is a flexible seingle-storey house that can definitely meet your budget, your needs, and of course, your lifestyle.

Single-Storey Fully Flexible And Customizable House

The floor plan of this house is not a perfect rectangle.

It has a small 3 meters by 4 meters porch that protrudes in front and the back area has a degress of one meter, making the kitchen protrude by one meter leaving a more spacious open kitchen inside.

Single-Storey Fully Flexible And Customizable House plan

The porch opens up to a very spacious foyer adjacent to the living room.

Right next to these are the four bedrooms with adjacent and facing doors. All toilet and bath are at the back next to the open kitchen. The kitchen is open and the owner is free to place the dining room the way they want to.

Single-Storey Fully Flexible And Customizable House design

The flexibility of this house is great when you are the kind of person that enjoys rearranging your home.

The big living room can be placed right in the entrance while making the other space a family room or something.

The open spaces of both the living room and the kitchen give the house a unique flexible feature that can make any owner enjoy designing and arranging her fixture and furniture inside their house.

The walls in the bedroom can also be easily customized. You can remove the wall on the right side to have one master’s bedroom and maybe transfer the door of the toilet inside the room.

The possibilities are endless.

Source: Pinoy E Plans