Set on a raised platform with a unique look that makes it appear to be two houses instead of just one, this stylish 1-story house features a lovely porch and a grand hall. This lovely home is perfect for a small to medium-sized family. If features a large hall and a nice porch where you can hang out and have fun as a family or a place to welcome guests.

Beautiful both inside and out, this home makes use of different color combinations to create awesome visual effects that makes the place homey yet also elegant. This home would be suitable in different settings, whether rural or urban.

Front View and Main Entryway

Because of the raised platform, stairs lead to the main entry way of this home. To the right is porch that’s about the size of one extra bedroom.

The double doors are made of wood, with a stylish design.

Stainless steel railings create a lovely visual effect on this home while artwork on the wall at the left portion of the house is a rather unique décor.