Small but beautiful, this super 2-bedroom house is perfect for the family! This features 60 sqm of living space, with a welcoming entrance and a stylish design that easily appeals to the eyes.

The façade looks great, with varying shades of grey with orange accents creating an interesting appearance. This house also makes use of stones to create a lovely visual effect at the porch area. Orange is used for the exterior ceilings and one accent wall.

The same theme goes all the way to the back. As expected, the interiors look gorgeous! It is clear that this house was planned out well, inside and out.

Great Exteriors

This modern home has great exteriors that any homeowner would certainly be proud of. The exterior design features lines to create beautiful accents while the colors are chosen to perfectly complement each other.

The doors and windows have light and dark brown trim, adding beauty to the space. There is no doubt that you and your family will love this house.

Lovely Interiors

The marble tiles create added interest in the lovely interiors that have white walls with dark brown baseboards. The windows are a mix of designs while the bedroom doors have wood-inspired prints. With the white walls, it is easier to make this house look lovelier inside.

It might even be a good idea to pick eclectic pieces and strikingly mismatched pieces that add interest to your interiors. Indoor plants would also brighten up this space and create added beauty.

Open Plan House

With the house being small, the kitchen and dining area shares space with the living room. But the design is simply off set by the beautiful windows that seem to wrap over the sink area. It looks beautiful.

The bathroom is large and features a grey theme on the walls and floor tiles. A black basin-like sink adds elegance to this spot.

This gorgeous 2-bedroom house may be built for around Php1 million.