When you hear luxury oceanfront homes the immediate thought that comes to mind is probably Miami, Florida, or even Long Gulf, USA. The beachfront houses there are truly magnificent.

This beach house in today’s article can pretty much come to par with some of the houses that we see on TV, but the difference is, this luxurious and handicapped-friendly home is located in the Philippines.

Luxurious Oceanfront House 1

The home is constructed from the best available materials in the country which ensures that it will last through several generations.

Looking at the outside, you will be greeted with a mustard exterior wall partnered with flagstones all around the house. The roof is a deep red shade, making the combination of colors a bright welcome that is perfect for the ocean.

Luxurious Oceanfront House 2

The moment you step inside, you’ll be transported into a palace-like luxury right from your first step.

Luxurious Oceanfront House 3

The spacious living room is accentuated by a unique and modern chandelier, contrasted by two glass panels with round accents by the wall.

Luxurious Oceanfront House 4

The rich and elegant white and cream theme is prevalent in all the spaces of the house.

The office also has a small chandelier with a white couch that is perfect during breaks and rest time.

Luxurious Oceanfront House 5
Luxurious Oceanfront House 6
Luxurious Oceanfront House 7
Luxurious Oceanfront House 9

The bathroom will make you feel like a king or queen while relaxing in the bathtub with the gold accents of the tiles and the curved shape of the tub.

Luxurious Oceanfront House 10
Luxurious Oceanfront House 11

Image Source: Home Design

All in all, this house is a perfect home for even a diverse family.