An Adorable House Idea with a Beautiful Yard (Perfect for Vacations)

It’s great to live in a house that isn’t just a comfortable home for you and your family but also a fun place where you can have a good time or relax anytime you want.

That’s the ambiance offered by this cute house with a beautiful yard and space for a hangout that you can also use as a massage area.

This one-bedroom house idea is also perfect as a vacation home or resort accommodation if you’re planning to open such a business.

A studio-type home, it comes with bamboo and wood furnishings that match the mixed native and modern theme.

Simple House Design, Relaxing Atmosphere

The yard in front of this house is something that you’ll love.

It features a grassy area for a natural look, and some plants to complete the tropical, relaxing atmosphere.

A Bahay Kubo set in the yard can be considered as the focal point of your space and can be used for enjoying a massage or hanging out with friends.

It can also be a multi-purpose area, such as a fun place for the kids to have fun.

Nice Interiors, Beautiful Furniture Pieces

The house might be simple inside but it looks good, thanks to the white walls and the eclectic mix of furniture pieces in carved wood and bamboo.

There’s even a semi-loft space over the bed that you can use to create a study area, office, library, or some other functional spot that doesn’t require a lot of movement.

Stylish Bathroom

The bathroom of this charming little home looks stylish, featuring a glass-enclosed shower area, a lovely sink, and a bathroom mirror.

The walls have stylish tiles that match the color of the floor.

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It could take less than Php1 million to build this studio, although you also have to take the costs of the Bahay Kubo into consideration.