Beautiful Hardiflex House for Php200k

Searching for a beautiful house design that fits a limited budget? This beautiful Hardiflex (cement board) house was built for Php200,000 – and we’re really impressed. The interiors have a nice living room, a compact kitchen with a dining area, and a lovely bedroom.

The foundation, base, and one layer of the walls are made of concrete and hollow blocks. But the upper walls are made of wood frames and Hardiflex.

It’s quite impressive that this house looks so beautiful inside, with its large purple tiles and sky blue walls that look soothing to the eyes. The ceilings are painted in white, creating a nice contrast to the other colors of the house.

Modern Design, Budget-Friendly House

This budget-friendly house features a modern design with sliding glass windows that are framed in black. Doors are made of wood, with matching designs.

The workers did a good job at painting this house, creating a sleek look that actually makes the walls look like they’re made of pure concrete.

Lovely Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

Unlike most modern homes, however, there’s no porch in this one. Instead, a lovely living room is the first welcoming spot for you and your family.

You can opt for space-saving furniture for this home to maximize the compact space. The TV is also mounted on the wall, but you can opt to add built-in cabinets for your décor or other items, such as books and your collections.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Dining Area

This home also features a modern single-line kitchen with tiles that match the floors, while the walls also have the same paint as the rest of the walls inside the house.

Even the bedroom also follows the same pattern as the rest of the house, down to its purple tiles and sky blue walls.

According to the owners, they spent Php200k to build this house (100 sq m).