Wondering what you can do with a sloping lot? You can use this beautiful house design built on an elevated lot area as your inspiration. It features an elegant porch area and resort-style interiors with an open plan.

Great to look at even from afar, the house uses a striking combination of wood, glass, and other modern materials.

You’ll surely love the elegant features of this home, especially the wood sidings that are painted a natural brown color that creates a beautiful contrast with the huge glass doors. Although set on an elevated area, this house clearly has a superb design that may also be used on flat areas.

Stylish Porch, Glass & Wood Designs

This kind of porch design might not be so striking if the house isn’t set on an elevated area, but it surely looks great on any home. Aside from providing support to the porch roof, the wooden posts are set on an angle to create an interesting design.

This home was built with glass and wood, but you can also use concrete though it might not look as beautiful.

Elegant Open-Plan Interiors

Perfect as a resort accommodation or a regular home, this design features elegant open-plan interiors.

There are two beds set at opposite corners, with no divisions. While this arrangement is great for a resort accommodation or vacation villa, you can always opt to add walls to the bedroom areas if you’ll use this design as inspiration for your home.

The dining area shares the spot of the living room. In this house design, there’s no provision for a kitchen in the interior but you can add this to the spot occupied by one of the beds.

Fantastic Bathroom Space

The bathroom has an open roof portion for a stylish look, though this might not be practical for most homes. There’s a makeshift spa tub in the shower area and a hot-and-cold shower.

This beautiful home would cost at least Php1.6 million to construct.