Looking for inspiration for a dream house that comes with adorable accents? This beautiful L-shaped pink house just might be the one you are looking for as it features Hello Kitty accents inside and out.

The huge porch in this modern home gives off a café vibe but also gives the homeowners lots of space for various activities. Add a pingpong table or other recreation options at this spot to bring more fun to the family.

This house makes use of a gable roof design, with concrete walls, stone-accented porch posts, and large marble tiles. A charming house through and through, the Hello Kitty accents are not just on the outside but also adorn the interiors of this home.

Lovely Design, Charming Home

The color scheme is not for everyone but if you dig pink and love Hello Kitty, this house would be a perfect model home. Of course, you could always opt to change the colors and décor designs to your liking once you build your house.

A portion of the spacious porch features built-in benches. But there’s still ample space for a sofa set to extend your living room to this spot so you can take advantage of the fresh air.

Stylish Interiors, Pink Walls

Just like the exteriors, the interiors of this home also have pink walls but of a lighter shade than the ones outside. Lovely pink curtains are used at the sliding glass windows while a pink sofa is picked for this home. A combination of white and pink furniture pieces is visible in this house, creating a soft look.

The kitchen appears to be the only part of the house that doesn’t get a full pink treatment.

Beautiful Bedrooms

Pink walls also grace the beautiful bedrooms of this house. Each comes with cute pink beddings, white beds, and lots of Hello Kitty prints.

This house is truly something that you’ll love to live in. It’s just so cute! It isn’t too fancy but its sheer size makes this dream house need at least Php1.8 million to build.