When it comes to choosing the right design for your home, you should pick something that you’re sure to love for many years but also comfortable.

And it’s always great to find a unique design that looks pleasing to the eyes, with painted Amakan walls, a large balcony for hanging out, and a studio-type floor plan.

This house is set on an elevated platform and features glass windows with a white frame.

A mix of modern and native features, it’s a great place to call your own.

Double walling using cement board creates a modernized wall for the interiors while the amakan walls for the exteriors look fantastic for this beautiful modern home.

Impressive Balcony, Mixed Native Home

The elevated platform allows you to create a balcony for this lovely home, but if you choose to put this house at near-ground level, then the spot would make a nice porch. Either way, it would still complement the look of the house.

Having built-in seats with wooden backs provides seating options at this hangout. It would certainly make a great spot for enjoying some refreshments or simply hanging out with your guests and family.

Stylish Interiors, Creative Accents

There’s so much to love about this beautiful native house, especially because the creative accents don’t just complement each other but also look great on their own. The resulting look is stylish with a personalized touch.

Native furnishings are also picked for this home, completing its theme in a good way.

Lots of glass windows also upgrade this space.

Modern Bathroom with Elegant Fixtures

The modern bathroom of this charming little house is at par with those you can find in beautiful mansions but in a compact space.

There’s even a glass-enclosed bath area and marble-inspired tiles.

The cost of building this house depends on several factors, but be prepared to shell out around Php1 million or more to make this space look beautiful.

Source: Jojo De Guzman Villanueva, Home Buddies Community