For a budget of just around Php800k, you can already have a nice house where you and your family can live in comfort. Having 2 bedrooms in this home means that this is perfect for a growing family.

This home makes use of flat roofs in dog shed style to create a nice covering on top without you spending a lot of money on materials. Most of the house does not have fancy styling to ensure that you can save money but still have a good place to live in.

Of course, you can always opt to beautify the space with accents, a lovely coat of paint, or even bricks or stones on the exterior walls.

Large Porch, Welcoming Façade

This home might not be the prettiest in the neighborhood but its large porch with wood furniture creates a welcoming façade that makes you want to stay here at all times.

Set in a rural area with lots of greens in the garden and farmland around it, this is truly a lovely home. But the grey walls and modern style also make this home ideal for other locations.

Simple but Nice Interiors

Just like the exteriors, the interior of this house is simple but still nice.

Suitable for a growing family, this house features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The color tones inside the home are surprisingly warm, with yellow used on the living room walls while the rooms are painted in a lovely shade of green.

The ceilings are also flat, with the lights acting as accents.

The rooms have different colors and floor tiles, but both have white doors made of wood.

Lovely Bathrooms

There are 2 bathrooms in this house, making it perfect for the family. The bathrooms are surprisingly cute, with one having a blue theme that shows floral prints on the wall tiles and colorful bubbles on the toilet bowl set.

This 2-bedroom house was built for a budget of just around Php800,000.