A lot of families choose budget-friendly options to ensure that they have a nice house to live in while also allotting more money for other more important needs. This budget-friendly house is a good place to live in, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. This design is simply perfect for a medium-sized family.

With its economical design, this house is easy to build and was completed for less than Php500,000. However, the budget is cheaper because the owner chose to DIY. The price could be around Php750,000 if workers were hired to build this home.

Even with the DIY, this homeowner was able to create a beautiful house.

Modern Design

The design with modern, with a flat shed-style roof and a white ceiling with lots of ventilation holes. The front area is occupied by a porch that has its own roof. The extended porch has its own picket fence, but this was added to keep the small pond safe.

There’s a carport to one side, able to fit one car.

Eclectic Interiors

While white is used on the walls inside the house, the eclectic interiors also feature various design styles. The living room is set to one side, with a huge flat-screen TV on the wall.

An asymmetrical ceiling design creates an interesting look above the dining area.

Meanwhile, the kitchen area is done mostly in white but features blue and green accents that add style to space.

Compact Floor Plan, Affordable Home

This affordable home has a compact floor plan, ensuring that you don’t waste any space inside. Every bit of space was well planned, with the two bedrooms placed right across each other.

The bathroom is placed between the two rooms, allowing easy access for everyone. This 2-bedroom home is great for a medium-sized family.