Most modern homes will cost you around Php1 million to build, but you can also have a contemporary Kubo for just around Php35k. That’s what a family achieved for their home; though the cost was kept at a minimum because their father is a carpenter and had help from one of their siblings. Cool, right?

If you’re up for some DIY, you can also keep the budget this low. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing to ensure that the house is sturdy.

But even if you aren’t a carpenter, you can still have this house built for a low budget. The house itself has a floor area of 3.5 x 5 meters.

Contemporary Kubo on a Budget

Built in a limited budget, only the floor portion of this house is made of concrete. The rest of the house is made of wood, with amakan (sawali) walls.

To further save on costs, bamboo is used instead of wood to support the amakan walls.

Even the windows are also made of bamboo slats.

What’s good about starting homes like this one is that you can have a comfortable roof over your head even on a small budget. You can simply upgrade sections of the house whenever you have some extra cash.

For example, you have the windows changed to jalousie or even sliding windows when the budget allows.

This contemporary kubo even has GI sheets for a roof, instead of the usual nipa or similar material. This actually makes this native home last longer.

Nice Interiors, Neat Little Home

Some sections of the house have double-walling while others simply have the amakan walls. The double-walled sections create a contemporary, upgraded look to the house while the areas without them look more native.

While some netizens were concerned about the skillion roof design, which might not be ideal during the stormy season, you can always change it to the regular open gable style or even a flat roof.

Overall, this is a neat little home that you can have for budget. The homeowners built this for Php35k but you can set aside a budget of around Php50k to Php60k if you need to hire someone else to do it – and you want to make sure the foundation is more secured.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses