You don’t need a grand house to provide your family with a comfortable place to stay – and that’s one of the reasons why this simple house went viral.

The photos are credited to Lhyn Abu Tubay who shared that she and her husband finally built this house after 18 years.

Couple Finally Builds Home after 18 Years, Simple House Design Goes Viral

Netizens love the idea that despite the long wait, this couple finally has a house to call their own. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t a grand mansion – after all, more people can actually relate with building a simple home than a huge one.

Simple Home, Built with Love

This simple house features an extension that doubles as the porch area. It comes complete with a built-in bamboo bench that’s perfect for hanging out with friends or simply enjoying a cup of coffee while relaxing on your own.

The house has a low roof, though you can opt to raise it a bit for added style.

Charming Interiors

As with many houses in the rural areas, this house has windows that swing out and fully open, allowing the fresh air and natural light in.

It’s a design you’re unlikely to find in the urban areas, especially in high-rise residential spots. But it works perfectly for this home.

The interiors are furnished with a bamboo sala set with foam-padded seats for comfort.

You’ll find plenty of plants inside and outside this home.

Wallpaper is used to add elegance to this home, while curtains double as the doors inside the house. That’s another common theme in rural homes.

Functional Kitchen, Comfortable Rooms

Though the kitchen is also simple, it has space that’s enough for a sink and cooking area. It also shares space with the dining room which is set up with a 4-seater table pushed back to the wall to allow more space in the kitchen.

The rooms are comfortable, with foam beds still placed directly on the floor, but something you can improve for later when you have more budget for your home.

You can allocate a budget of around Php100k for this home.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses / Lhyn Abu Tubay