Are you looking for a grand 2-story house with a garage and 3 bedrooms? Look no further because you’ve come to the right place. This dream house has lots of beautiful spaces for various activities and also spots such as the balcony for hanging out. The entrance is through the flight of stairs at the front that leads to the porch. This home also features a modern kitchen and 3 bathrooms.

It’s a huge house, making it ideal for a large family where everyone can have some privacy at their own special place.

The exteriors have mostly white walls but there are also portions painted in light grey and maroon. It’s clearly an interesting place to live in.

Lovely Second-Floor Balcony, Nice Porch

There’s a nice porch at the entrance, just like what you’ll find in most modern homes these days.

But this house also features a lovely balcony at the second floor. Make sure that the railings are safe and tall enough to keep anyone from falling off. Just add some chairs to make this spot a nice hangout any time of the day.

This balcony is set over the garage that can fit one car. The garage can also double as a storage area, but make sure to add some shelves to keep the space neat.

Dream House Design, Elegant Interiors

It would be great to live in this grand house that features a dreamy design. You can always opt to put the floors at the same level so that the second floor would have more space.

The interior walls are painted in white but have brown baseboards that match the wood doors. Recessed lights add interest to the ceilings. There are lots of walls that you can decorate to your heart’s content in this elegant home.

Large Bedrooms, Separate Kitchen

The private spaces in this house are large enough for a queen-sized bed and a full closet. They’re set on the second floor and can have nice views from the windows.

This home also features a separate kitchen, unlike many modern homes where the kitchen shares an open space with the living room.

This grand home might cost you at least Php4 million.