If you love to live in a house with compact spaces and a creative look, then you’ll absolutely enjoy this cute house with a charming deck, a picnic spot for dining and hanging out open-plan interiors, and a superb loft with wooden walls.

House with Charming Deck

At first glance from the front, this house might look too small but once inside, you’ll be surprised at the space available for the living room, kitchen, and dining area. The deck can also be an extended living room while the picnic spot is truly perfect for welcoming guests.

This house is made with a mix of concrete, wood, steel, and glass, creating a beautiful abode that’s great for a couple or small family.

Charming House Design

The main entrance to this house is from the deck that comes with lovely wood furniture pieces that also match the picnic spot.

House with Deck

Wooden eaves are made with materials that match the ones used for the deck and the walls. These wooden materials look great but you should make sure to waterproof everything before putting the paint for finishing.

Open Plan Interiors

The sliding glass doors open to the compact living room with a comfortable couch, flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, and a chest that acts both as a storage piece and table.

Wood is used for most portions of this beautiful home, with natural wood slabs used for the walls while the wooden cabinets are painted in white. A lovely wood table also graces the dining spot, with some tall bar stools to complete the look.

Stylish Loft Bedroom

A narrow, carpeted flight of stairs leads to the loft bedroom with a double-size bed with a thick foam mattress for added comfort. Creative lights add style to this spot while a small window provides ventilation to this space.

Depending the prices and availability of materials in your locality, this home may be built for less than Php1 million.