If space and money are not a problem, many people would readily build sprawling homes with lots of space. Some would make multi-story homes while others prefer a large 1-story home where everything is accessible without climbing any stairs.

For this large 3-bedroom house, there really is space for everything you need without moving to another floor. The 3 bedrooms are laid out to one side while the living room and dining area occupy the opposite space. There is also lots of space for a study area and the kitchen is placed at the back, created as a large extension.

The house features a modern design that comes with a flat roof and a lovely porch with no railings at the front.

Huge Home, Great Floor Plan

Such a huge home has plenty of extra space for various activities. But because it is built on a large lot, there are also lots of spaces outside for you and your family to have fun. You can always opt to landscape the yard or convert this into a garden for a self-sustaining home with fresh vegetables every day.

Inside, the huge living room is the central hangout of the family. Furnish this with comfortable furniture pieces. There’s no need to worry if an oversized couch will make the space look smaller because the floor plan is great.

Elegant floor-length curtains are placed on the windows. Brown wood-inspired parquet tiles are used at the main hall while a different wood pattern is used at the kitchen.

Large Kitchen

Built at the back, the large kitchen can become a secondary hangout for the family. This would be perfect with its own tables and chairs for breakfasts and snacks. The L-shaped counters have cabinets with the same tiles as the ones used on the floor, creating a matching design.

Sliding wooden windows are used for this modern home’s kitchen, in contrast with the sliding glass windows used at the other parts of the house. Such a huge house may be built for at least Php2.4 million.