In trying to find the right design for your home, what do you have in mind? Budget is usually the main factor for many, but it is nice to know that you can still have a beautiful house even on a tight budget.

This charming lime green cottage features 2 bedrooms and a surprisingly beautiful collection of colorful items that match the house’s bright colors. Brown is used to subdue the bright lime green on the exteriors while white walls and floors are used indoors.

The house features a nice porch by the main door. It also has a comfortable patio by the side entrance. Small vertical windows are used for this home, more for style that to let fresh air in.

Bright Colors, Lovely Design

This house would clearly stand out among the houses in the neighborhood, thanks to its bright colors. Yet the design is also something that is worthy of praise. The gable roof emphasizes the cottage style but stone-inspired tiles add interest to the exteriors.

Such a charming cottage is perfectly complemented by lots of plants.

Beautiful Indoors, Beautiful Collections

While the living room still makes use of the bright lime green colors you see outside the house, the other parts of the house have white walls that are accented by the many beautiful collections of lime green items.

The dining table and chairs are in pristine white but the rug, wall clock, and various display items in the tall cabinet with glass doors are all bright lime green.

Even the many items in the kitchen are in this color but the white counters and walls create a lovely backdrop for these brightly colored items.

Stylish Bedrooms

As you might already expect, even the bedrooms come in lime green. Both of the 2 bedrooms have lime green walls but one has white floors while the other has brown wood-inspired floor tiles. Cute stencil art make the rooms look pretty and lime green curtains are still used in the bedrooms.

This charming 2-bedroom house costs about Php1.2 million to build.