Lovely White House with Modern Design, Beautiful Interiors

Did you know that white is a cool color to have for your home, quite literally? That’s because white reflects all colors and reflects sunlight, too. So, a white house doesn’t get as heated as other colors. If you fancy a white house, then you might want to consider this modern design with beautiful interiors.

On the outside, it looks like a simple gable house with a brown, wooden door. But the interiors are something else.

There’s no porch for this house, but that’s something that you can always add to the design while building this home. Simply add an awning for the porch roof.

White Walls, Modern Home Design

This house is mostly made with white walls, inside and out. Even the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles are in white.

Aside from being cool, the white walls also let you design this house as you please because the colors won’t clash with the curtains or accessories you pick for the theme.

Beautiful Interiors, Sliding Windows

You’ll love the beautiful interiors of this modern home which comes with wood-inspired floors and sliding glass windows. There are also sliding wooden doors inside the house, creating a nice design aside from its function as a real door.

Even the pendant lamps in the living room are stylish.

Mixed Modern and Country Kitchen

The kitchen features a mixed modern and country design, with its wood-inspired tiles on the L-shaped counters and white subway tiles. There are small windows on two walls of the kitchen while built-in cabinets with white doors are created underneath the counters.

A glass stove is built into the counter, creating a sleek yet functional, modern kitchen.

Stylish Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom of this modern house has white tiles. The rest of the fixtures are also in white. There’s also a hot-and-cold shower at one corner.

Building this home can cost you around Php1.8 million.