What you can you build with a budget of Php47k?

While that might just be enough for the porch of some homes, there’s this family who was able to build a complete home for this amount.

Of course, it isn’t a grand home, yet this modern Bahay kubo is a nice place to stay and even features contemporary interiors. For this amount, it’s actually a great deal!

The foundation of this home is made of concrete, ensuring that it can last longer than if wooden or bamboo materials are used.

To save on costs, however, only the base and the equivalent of one layer of hollow blocks are made of concrete. The rest are made of amakan (sawali) and wood.

Modern Bahay Kubo as a Starter or Retirement Home

Building a home can cost a lot of money, but even if you have below Php50k, you can get yourself a starter home like this one. It comes with a studio-style floor plan or, come to think of it, the basic bahay kubo design.

The space is used as a living room during the day and as sleeping space during the night. You can put a bed, pushing it to the corner to maximize the space, or opt for a sofa bed that converts into either a sofa or a bed, depending on your needs.

Aside from its possible use as a starter home, this can also be a good option as retirement home, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance budget place to stay.

Contemporary Interiors, Budget-friendly Materials

Amakan creates a good-looking yet budget-friendly wall for this home. However, it’s a good idea to use double-walling to create a sturdier, better-looking wall for the interiors.

Plywood is a good choice, but if you have some extra cash, cement board can be a longer-lasting, sleeker choice.

The homeowners claim that they only spent Php47k to build this home.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses