Modern Grey House with Stylish Interiors, Creative Art Works

Grey is a common color chosen for many homes because it’s neutral and doesn’t show dirt too easily as other colors. But you can still make it beautiful with some accents and a splash of color here or there. This home features flat roofs, a porch, stylish interiors, modern kitchen, and beautiful bedrooms with varied artwork on the walls.

What’s great about this house is that it has lots of beautiful features that make it stylish yet also a comfortable place to live in. The exterior walls are in grey but the inside is brighter with white walls.

The floors in the common areas are topped with wood-inspired tiles while the bedrooms have plain, mocha tiles.

Modern House, Nice Porch

The porch of this house isn’t big but it still creates a beautiful entryway and hangout for this home. There’s a small built-in bench at one end.

It still has some space left for adding a chair or two, even a small table, where you can enjoy some coffee.

Stylish Interiors, Creative Artworks

There’s a lot to love about this house, especially with the many creative artworks featured on its walls. Even the door is stylish with its mosaic design.

The walls are white, allowing the owners to decorate the space as they pleased, without the colors clashing.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Dining Room

Meal preparation can be easy because this home features a modern kitchen that shares the space with the dining room.

Like the rest of the house, this spot is also stylish. There’s an L-shaped counter that you can finish with built-in cabinets.

Beautiful Bedrooms with Creative Artworks

Living in this house can be so nice, thanks to the beautiful bedrooms with comfortable beds. Like the common spaces, the bedrooms also have some art painted on the walls.

Building this house can cost you around Php1.8 million.