Narrow House with Impressive Interiors, Roof Deck and Clever Use of Space

Who said that you can’t make anything great out of a small, narrow lot? One house proved that wrong with its impressive interiors, clever use of space, and even a roof deck where you can hang out and enjoy the view. Despite the odd semi-triangular shape, this house features a spacious living room, contemporary kitchen, and comfortable bedroom.

Viewed from one side, the house appears to be too narrow to even have space inside, but the other side is a bit wider.

The wider space is utilized for areas that needed more space, such as the living room and bedroom, yet the smaller sections also had good use as a study area, mini library, and the bathroom downstairs.

Contemporary House Design in Small, Narrow Lot

The spacious and beautiful interiors are made possible by a contemporary design that maximizes all the spaces. Instead of a gable roof that would look skewed and weird, anyway, it uses a flat roof whose edges don’t go over the house’s main body.

It’s like a house from the future, but really warm and cozy inside.

Impressive Interiors, Clever Use of Space

There’s a lot to love about this modern home. While it looks grey and boring outside, it’s homey inside. Just like other homes, the door opens to the living room which features a modern media center.

Sharing the open space is a contemporary kitchen with semi L-shaped counters. Built-in cabinets maximize the space and also keep your things in order to reduce clutter.

Stylish Bedroom, Nice Roof Deck

The bigger section at the second floor is occupied by a stylish bedroom that even has an office space. The area under the stairs is also used as a playroom.

So, what do you do with the small, narrow end of the second floor? Well, it’s used as a built-in study area in this house. Up another flight of stairs is a small but nice roof deck.

With quality materials, this contemporary house can cost you around Php2 million to build.