In building your home, don’t just look at the house design but also consider how well the lawn can match and complement the place. Just like this pretty house which features creative interiors and a beautiful lawn. It features a charming carport directly accessed through the sliding gates. It also has stylish bedrooms, an elegant bathroom, and a nice living room.

The house itself is white inside and out, but the surrounding fence is also set in the same color. It creates an elegant look that’s a bit more difficult to maintain but surely looks wonderful if you do.

Gorgeous wood pieces also grace this home.

Elegant House Design, Multi-purpose Carport

There’s a lot to love about this house, especially its elegant design that stands out from the neighborhood. All these white walls complement, even upgrade the house’s curb appeal.

You might also love the carport that can double as an extended porch and activity area. We’re quite sure the kids will love hanging out at this place. Having sliding gates is also a huge plus because it keeps the spot look neat.

Creative Interiors, Stylish Living Room

Like the exteriors, the interiors are also painted in white. The stylish wood furnishings look good, with the living room pieces topped with white-covered foam.

Plants also brighten up the place in this minimalistic home. Like most modern homes, there isn’t any divider between the living room and the dining area.

Fabulous Bedrooms, Nice Kitchen

Preparing meals look fun in this nice kitchen that also follows the same theme as the rest of the house. It features white walls and cabinets, while there are also lots of wood features in this spot.

The bedrooms also have a similar look, with built-in cabinets for a library in each room where you can also sit and relax while enjoying a book.

Even the bathroom looks so stylish in this modern home. Made of concrete, wood, and glass, it might cost at least Php1.8 million to build this place.