Simple and Affordable House Built for Php100k

Can you build a house for Php100k? Of course! One family built a simple but nice house for that amount, and it comes with a tidy porch, a welcoming living room, and a lush yard filled with plants.

Set on a sloping lot, this house has different a elevation when viewed from the side, but the front area is set at the same level as the ground so that there aren’t any stairs leading up to it.

Instead of having the main door straight at the front, they put the entrance to the porch, instead. You can access the main door from there.

Simple and Affordable House Design

Because of the limited budget, only the lower portion of the walls is concrete. The upper walls are made of wood and bamboo strips, a popular design in rural areas.

The beams and trusses are made of wood, topped with GI sheets. It’s a fairly common design, but this can give you an idea of what a Php100k home can look like.

Nice Porch, Lovely Gardens

The porch can be a nice hangout for you and your guests. You’ll love having a balcony towards the other end because it’s now a few feet off the ground, thanks to the sloping lot.

You don’t need to add furniture in this spot because it has high-backed built-in benches made of bamboo slats. They are even designed to look like individual chairs, although it’s really just a long bench on one side and a single chair at the smaller side.

The porch beams are bare but if you’re building a house like this, you can always add design and finishing to that later.

Welcoming Living Room, Nice Interiors

The interiors are simple yet they still give off a welcoming vibe, thanks to the lovely furniture set made with bamboo.

Windows come with stylish bamboo grills. There’s even a wood divider between the kitchen and the living room. This house was built for Php100k.