Singapore OFW’s Home: A Brightly Colored House with Beautiful Gardens

It’s said that a person’s house should match their personality. While that doesn’t hold true for all, there’s just something about a brightly colored house that makes you feel cheerful – and that could mean a perfect match for a fun-loving owner. Inspired by the TV reality show PBB (Pinoy Big Brother), this house is painted in yellow and blue, with a lovely porch, colorful interiors, and lush gardens.

A great place to live in, this house was built by OFW (overseas Filipino worker) who worked in Singapore. Credited to owner Marimar Selvino, this house is dubbed as “Bahay ni Ate,” an allusion to the show’s “Bahay ni Kuya.”

Lovely Porch, Beautiful Gardens

It’s not a grand mansion, yet this is a house that you can be proud of.

The OFW and her family made sure to create a beautiful garden around the house, with the porch even having plenty of plants. Some are even placed in creative racks. You can also do the same thing.

This brightly colored house features yellow exterior walls with blue posts and accents. Even the walls in the interiors are also in bright yellow and the floors are in blue, yet the curtains, accents, and artwork decorations are set in green.

Spacious Interiors, Bright Colors

In most homes, you see either a huge L-shaped sectional sofa or a set with one long and two or three single pieces. Yet this home features two long sections, put across each other. They actually make a great spot for fun conversations with friends.

You’ll also love the spacious interiors of this lovely home, with the added bonus of having long sofas that can also double as extra beds to use at night if you have extra guests.

This house might cost around Php1.2 million.