Are you looking for a simple native house design? This charming little house can be a nice inspiration, thanks to its Amakan walls, rattan-inspired porch railings, and beautiful wood furnishings.

The linoleum floors even have wood-inspired prints that you can later upgrade to real wood floors or wood-inspired ceramic floor tiles.

Like most homes these days, this one comes with a welcoming porch, a nice living room, two comfortable bedrooms, and a kitchen that shares space with the dining area.

Native House with Amakan Walls

To make the native house last longer, half of the walls are made of hollow blocks and concrete. It also has a concrete foundation and floors.

Native House, Nice Porch

Despite half of the house being made from concrete, this place still manages to look mostly native, thanks to the Amakan walls coated with varnish.

That’s something to keep in mind if you want to achieve a native look, because the Amakan material really looks better with natural lacquer or varnish rather than being painted with other colors.

You’ll love having a nice porch at the front. It features amakan walls and ceilings, plus rattan-inspired railings. This space looks so cozy.

Modern Floor Plan, Nice Living Room

A great place to live in, this home features a modern floor plan that also comes with a nice living room with wood furnishings.

The seats are lined up to maximize the space and give everyone a perfect view of the wall-mounted TV placed between the doorways of the two bedrooms.

Comfortable Bedrooms, Lovely Kitchen

The interiors have double walling most likely made of cement board or plywood painted with a lovely shade of green.

Each room has jalousie windows that you can easily upgrade to sliding windows for added elegance.

Elegant curtains are used for the living room while the bedrooms have flowery curtains.

Towards the back of the house is a lovely kitchen sharing space with the dining area. It features a single-line counter that you can upgrade with some cabinets under the sink.

This house could cost around Php300k to Php500k, although costs can greatly vary depending on many factors.

Source: Mharlo Rempillo, Awesome Philippines Houses