It’s always a good idea to pick a house based on a design you love or a dream house that you can be proud of.

And though that’s a mansion for some, many prefer timeless classics that come with two or three bedrooms, a charming porch at the front, a cozy living room, and a modern kitchen for easy meal preparations.

Stylish accents and carefully picked items make this house look more stylish.

Although the exteriors are painted a soft green color, the interiors have light gray walls and cream or white ceilings.

Because the house features huge windows, the floor-length curtains can add style and privacy to your place.

Charming Porch, Classic House Design

You’ll love hanging out at the charming porch with its wood-inspired wood tiles that you can actually make in real wood.

Built-in seats with a high back create a special nook at the porch for chatting with friends or simply relaxing after a long day.

This house also features a classic design that uses white trim. We absolutely love the large glass windows that let lots of light and fresh air into your home.

It wouldn’t be hard to keep this place cool on hot summer days.

Impressive Interiors

Although not a mansion, this house features a pair of grand double doors with floor-length sidelights.

These create the illusion of grandeur in the interior of a house that looks like a simple cottage on the outside.

The large tiles on the floors and the stylish lights also upgrade the look of this beautiful home.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Occupying space in between the bedrooms, the modern kitchen has a unique location than the usual choice for most homes, but this actually makes it extra special.

It might be fun to prepare your food in this space while entertaining your guests.

The house also features a nice bathroom with a pedestal sink.

It’s good to set aside a budget of around Php2 million to build this cozy home.

Source: Awesome Home Ideas and Decor