Simple White House with a Roof Deck, Beautiful Interior Design

Do you fancy a house with a nice roof deck for hanging out? Then this one might be a good choice for you. It’s a simple white house that features a roof deck and a beautiful interior design. The walls are in white, inside and out. There’s a modern kitchen, nice dining area, lovely living room, and a comfortable bedroom.

It’s a boxy house that uses concrete, glass, and steel to look great.

This house has everything you need and can also be a great hangout for family and friends, especially because of its roof deck. Just make sure the railings are sturdy and can keep kids safe.

Modern House with Roof Deck

This house has a modern design that converts the roof into a deck so there’s some extra place for hanging out with your friends. Plus, this spot would even make for a great place to hang your clothes to dry because there’s no roof over it. You wouldn’t need to buy a dryer if you pick this house design.

At night, the roof deck can come alive with lights and would make a nice spot for enjoying some drinks while admiring the view around your home.

Lovely Living Room, Beautiful Interiors

Though the house looks so simple outside, the interiors are lovely. You can enjoy watching your favorite shows from the flat-screen TV set by one wall.

You can also decorate this space with any design you like because the white walls can match almost all themes.

Comfortable Bedroom, Modern Kitchen and Dining Area

This house features a comfortable bedroom that has curtains that match the ones in the living room. There’s ample space for a full closet.

Food preparation can be easy at the modern kitchen with L-shaped counters. There’s also a separate spot allocated for the dining area.

This lovely home may be built for around Php1.8 million. Make sure that the beams and roof deck are sturdy.