Single-Storey Modern House Design For Your Medium Family

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One of the things we consider when choosing or planning to build a house is, whether it suits the family well. Of course, you would want your whole family to be comfortable on the house you’re living in. Where they can be themselves, can offer each family members privacy and at the same time allows the family to bond inside and outside the house.  

Modern Single-storey house design, perfect for medium-sized family

Whether you’re single, engaged, or just got married wanting to have a medium-sized family, this single-storey modern house is your top pick. Specifically designed for a medium-sized families or families with diverse members, this single-storey modern house is perfect for you. Its modern design can no doubt accommodate each of the family member’s need.

Features 3-bedroom, 3-bathrooms, 2-parking spaces

The house area is 187 square meters, divided into proportions. It has 3-bedroom and 3 comfort rooms where 1 comfort room is connected to the dining room. The spacious living room provides a relaxation place where all family members can bond. Not only that, this house also features a spacious front porch where you and your family can sit, relax and chill out outside. It also has 2 parking spaces, perfectly accommodates your automobiles.

Earthquake-proof structure

Aside from giving our family comfort, the safety a house can offer is also one of the first thing we consider when choosing a house. And this modern single-storey house offers just that. It is very safe to live and worth the money. It is designed to withstand earthquakes (earthquake-proof structure), so you don’t need to worry if the house will crack when there’s an earthquake.












SourceAmazing Architecture