Stylish Native House with Split-Level Design, Beautiful Gardens

Set on a spacious property and surrounded by beautiful gardens, this stylish native house can be a nice, peaceful place to live in. It features amakan walls held in place by bamboo slats. This lovely bahay kubo has a spacious living room with nice wood seats, comfortable bedrooms in the upper level, and a well-organized kitchen.

Even by just looking outside this house, you’ll know that it’s different from other native homes in many ways.

Instead of being elevated on concrete posts, for example, it’s set at the same level as the ground. However, the lower portion of the walls and the floors are made of concrete.

Native House with Modern Features, Stylish Design

The walls aren’t all built at a 90-degree vertical angle from the ground like most walls. Instead, there are some sections that are set at an inclined angle, creating an interesting look.

What’s great about this native house is that it uses native-style windows, too. In this case, sticks are used to hold the open window in place, just like what you would do using the metal stick for keeping your car hood open.

Spacious Living Room, Multi-purpose Furnishings

This home actually has some multi-purpose furnishings that are especially important because they can easily compensate for the limited space. For example, the wide ledge in the living room can be used as a built-in bench or even as a bed space if there are many visitors to your home.

The wooden seat is also easy to move around and is long enough to be used as a day bed, too.

Mix-Modern Kitchen, Comfortable Bedrooms

Set towards the back of this nice home is a mix-modern kitchen made with both tiles and concrete mixed with bamboo and wood. The result is actually quite interesting.

This home also features comfortable bedrooms that are also a mix of modern and native designs. The walls are in amakan while the benches inside are made of wood, but the beds are topped with soft foam mattresses for added comfort.

This native house can cost you around Php150k to Php200k to build. Although that could be more if you choose to use more expensive hardwood for the floors and posts instead.