Many of us have a dream house that we wish to build for our families in some near or far future. It’s an inspiration for us to continue working so we can make this dream house a reality. While many build this dream house on land that they bought as they continue dreaming, others do it on their original home. Renovating an old home can be challenging and costly, but this can also give you more sense of fulfillment because you get to live in the same space yet in an upgraded home.

Take this dream house story as an inspiration.

Shared by Phoebe Maligaya, the dream house was built on the same space as the family’s old house. Instead of buying new land or demolishing this space, they made major renovations to create an elegant place.

Dream House for an OFW

Maligaya shared that this house was the product of her labor as a worker in Taiwan and her sibling’s job in Manila.

Like many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), Maligaya also dreamed of building a home for their family – and that’s what she and her sibling did for their parents.

Literal na bunga ng pagsisikap,” she says of her home.

From Simple to Modern House

The family’s old house was simple, with a line of GI sheets covering the one-story space. Although they kept the house as a bungalow, with just one story, there’s a marked improvement from the old place.

Maligaya happily announced that they’re no longer afraid every time it rains because their old place was prone to floods and the roof leaked.

Patuloy lang po tayo mangarap dahil libre lang po mangarap at darating ang panahon unti-unti natin itong maaabot sa tulong ng Panginoon,” she happily advised.

Depending on the changes you need to do to update your home, renovations can cost anywhere from a couple of thousands to over a million pesos. This one is likely to have cost the family at least Php800k in renovations, or perhaps even more than Php1 million.

Source: Phoebe Maligaya