Impressive Transformation from Family Terrace to Beautiful Bedroom


In creating a beautiful bedroom, size does not always matter. There are many who were able to transform a small space into a gorgeous bedroom that anyone can be proud of!

Take for example netizen Jamie De Jesus who was able to transform their family terrace into a beautiful bedroom for herself – and the results are actually quite amazing!

From the simple spot that used to be a hangout for the family, she transformed the space so she can have a bigger, better bedroom. It actually worked out well and she thanks her family for letting her have this space to herself.

Working on the Transformation

The terrace is actually small but it was much bigger than her old bedroom, though she did not share a picture of that bedroom in the post.

Concrete hollow blocks were added to the terrace to enclose the area and make the bedroom. There is space allocated for a horizontal window for the room, but it is small because De Jesus already planned to put an AC, anyway.

Built-in Bed and Cabinets

To save on space in this small bedroom, De Jesus decided to have a built-in bed that’s designed to be on top of the cabinets. This gives her more space in the room while still providing her with a comfortable place to sleep.

The wood supports are embedded to the wall for added support but the bed also rests on the built-in cabinets below. A ladder is placed at one end of the bed.

Finishing Touches

Because she loves purple, the bedroom was painted in that color. But the cabinets and ceilings are painted in white. Then, the finishing touches were added. There are purple rugs and a small purple carpet in the room.

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A large mirror is added to the wall between the cabinets to give the illusion of added space and to also let De Jesus model the purses for her online shop. Artwork and some flowers brightened up the place. This is really an excellent room transformation!