It’s said, time and again, that you don’t need a big house to be happy – and that’s exactly what one guy was able to achieve in his tiny home. It’s not just a place for him to rest, but it even has a small sari-sari store so he could earn some extra cash for himself and his family. Now, isn’t that impressive?

Jeypee Gervacio was able to build his tiny house for just around Php10,000 with the help of some good friends who built this structure for free.

After the tiny house was built, he shared photos on social media to flex his new home and to thank the good friends who made sure he now has a comfortable home to live in.

Tiny House, Lots of Love

The house might be tiny, but it was built with lots of love. Half of the house is made of hollow blocks and concrete, while the upper part is made of plywood.

To keep the costs to a minimum, the roof was made with a modern, sloping design instead of having a gable style. Gervacio and his friends also finished the hollow block portion and later painted the house.

Slowly, this house is growing to be a cozy home for this young man and his future family.

House and Livelihood in One

What makes this house extra special for Gervacio is that it wasn’t just built with lots of love from his friends, but it was also a spot that he can earn some money from. A portion of the house is used for the sari-sari store so he could earn money.

Indeed, this house might be small but it’s a good one. His bedroom even looks so nice.

Netizens suggested that Gervacio should have used hardiflex (cement board) on the upper portions instead of plywood to make the structure water-resistant.

The young man thanked his friends and promised to make it up to them. He also declared that he’s surely going to make his house grow in the future. Good luck!