A modern style house with 1 bedroom, this abode was built on an affordable budget but still has a nice design. This features plenty of nice spaces and a stylish cream-white with dark brown color scheme.

The balcony wraps around the front and side, creating a bigger space for hanging out and enjoying the company of family and friends. You can also easily admire the view from this higher vantage point while enjoying the fresh air.

Created with a wooden wall, the house looks stylish inside and out. There’s also a spacious carport at the back that can fit two small vehicles or one large car.

Lovely House Design

This small house has a lovely design that makes it a nice place to stay in throughout the year. The large balcony is a great place to hangout and also adds beauty to the design.

The railings are made of black steel that’s used at the front and back areas. The front porch also features built-in benches but also has ample space for tables and chairs, if there are more visitors around.

Beautiful Interiors

Although small and simple, this house holds a lot of beautiful features. The parquet floors make this place look like an expensive wood house while the white plaster walls create an illusion of bigger spaces.

The walls and ceilings are actually simple yet you can easily upgrade the design with artwork and stylish curtains.

Nice Features

The room is small but lovely while the kitchen has enough space to prepare good meals for family and guests. The kitchen has access to the back area through a nice door with ornate design. This opens to a small terrace that looks out to the carport.

Just like the rest of the house, the kitchen is also decorated in white.

Small but charming, the bathroom features white marble tiles on the walls, with a lovely stone accent behind the toilet. Gray tiles are used on the floor.

This lovely 1-bedroom house was built for a budget of Php700,000.